Sunday, February 26, 2012

19. Last Year of Being --teen.

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Assalamualaikum :0

Noted * it's 26th February. A day after my dayy :)

Alhamdullilah. 18 tahun sudah berlalu. Ianya buka satu jangka masa yang pendek. Alhamdullilah masih lagi sempat dan mampu untuk menghirup udara. Sungguh, 18 tahunini telah banyak mengajar irna erti pelbagai makna. Kadang kadang pernah irna rasa tidak mampu, tapi dengan semangat dan dorongan yang diberikan sekeliling, rasa itu hilang. terima kasih semua. :)

Yaaa. benar dugaan itu sementara. bahagia itu datang jika kita redha dengan segalanya.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fact and Fate

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Assalamualaikum peeps :)

review untuk gambar di atas :

You have the attraction to anyone :
 No, i guess. well , i can't say because people see me not otherwise. they see me in their own perspectives.i hope it's good. No comment. :)

You are a realistic, confident, happy and genius in the field of education, music, art and singing: 

emm. maybe i'm  a realistic person but i guess i'm not that confident one. in the field of education? emm, that's why i end up being a teacher i guess although it wasn't my ambition. That's a fact and a fate :)

You have attitude problem of temper: i got mad easily but i quickly brushed it away.
i found scolding people is big NO NO but i found it an enjoyment when i did it to my adik. poor them. HAHA. usually when i got mad, i just move from a place and start thinking of the other things. when it got worse, i just cried and it will slips away.

You do lot of sacrifices for the family .You put the family at the very highest place sometimes ignore happiness itself:
 first sentence, MAYBE. second sentence, yes, i do put my family at a vey high place as i believe that there will no other person that will soothe and comforts me whenever i feeling blue compared to my family. i have a big family so whenever i had a problem, each of us will give their solutions and i will recinsider and take the best of it.

You were born to give contribution to the world:
ohh really? i thought that everybody plays a role in this world. ooohhhh

So, You're very good and happy: 
am i good? No. i will be. InsyaAllah. am i happy? i should be and i will be happy :)

NB: tang genius in the field of education yang plaing takleh bla. memanglah saya takdirnya seorang guru. :)


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Assalamualaikum peeps :)

It's February and i don't like to be in this month. ;(

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