Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fact and Fate

Posted by irnasofia at 4:11 PM
Assalamualaikum peeps :)

review untuk gambar di atas :

You have the attraction to anyone :
 No, i guess. well , i can't say because people see me not otherwise. they see me in their own perspectives.i hope it's good. No comment. :)

You are a realistic, confident, happy and genius in the field of education, music, art and singing: 

emm. maybe i'm  a realistic person but i guess i'm not that confident one. in the field of education? emm, that's why i end up being a teacher i guess although it wasn't my ambition. That's a fact and a fate :)

You have attitude problem of temper: i got mad easily but i quickly brushed it away.
i found scolding people is big NO NO but i found it an enjoyment when i did it to my adik. poor them. HAHA. usually when i got mad, i just move from a place and start thinking of the other things. when it got worse, i just cried and it will slips away.

You do lot of sacrifices for the family .You put the family at the very highest place sometimes ignore happiness itself:
 first sentence, MAYBE. second sentence, yes, i do put my family at a vey high place as i believe that there will no other person that will soothe and comforts me whenever i feeling blue compared to my family. i have a big family so whenever i had a problem, each of us will give their solutions and i will recinsider and take the best of it.

You were born to give contribution to the world:
ohh really? i thought that everybody plays a role in this world. ooohhhh

So, You're very good and happy: 
am i good? No. i will be. InsyaAllah. am i happy? i should be and i will be happy :)

NB: tang genius in the field of education yang plaing takleh bla. memanglah saya takdirnya seorang guru. :)



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