Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, am i still da same?

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early in da morning~

yeah, i'm still awake with my bro's lappy, wif axn channel turned on.still busy searching for module papers.huhu.thnks to amni, for her help.

it's a few days before the torture of form five starts!,i hate that time for sure. and i slowly accepting the new atmosphere of being matured.[matured kah?].being more respossible.come on, it's just a year rite?.i should forget about fs, fb, blog for u know, i started blogging when i was form 4, early march i think, and slowly blogging become my routine then.then, my bro, sis told me to stop doing all that first, i was totally can't accept it at all.but after i left it for a week, i can adapt it slowly, and it's not become a prob for me more.i should be friend wif books.hoho..sound too nerd rite?..hahaha

dun wori, irna still be the same doubt about that!..

emm, buku msa cuti ni pom xabes2 lgi..i mean novels loh!

breaking dawn
new moon
cupid effects
accidently couple
the knights
the dog walker
the ivy chronicles
something wonderful
plus,some sophie kinsella books..hoho..
keyboard ofF~
nb1:4.30 am uh!
nb2:post mrapu..xdep idea
nb3:ape kes post lately in english?
nb4:esk lg bz!
nb5:i miss my sis.
nb7:no more on9 dear~~
nb8;change is goOd~;)

Friday, December 25, 2009

It Could be My...

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can't sleep's keep haunting me.i hate this feeling.this situation

*ignore it if u don't understand what i'm saying*

last day of da school, i mean extra class loh! rushing for 3 weeks, at least i got something from dat class, rite?.everything happen in this tiring weeks really challenge myself well!

a lot happen to me lately. it's all about myself, my life. i have admit something, going to da extra class, at least i can ease my burden from da stress, da boring mood i was. am i a good girl? haha.i was rite?..i brag too much i think, but it's reality!.haha

today, i went to school with a so so feeling, ending of da extras made me feel bad. [ it's true! ] coz i know, i have to face a big, crucial, time, there.....*end of da sad story*


we all take lots of pics !haha.cute faces like us, we don't even need dslr lah!..haha.thanks to nab, her dslr was great.if i could my bro's dslr, it would be great too!.haha..mcten, of course,she was already drooling to take pics with that giant cam.haha. after teach her a lil bit [ after i was get a 'kursus' from my bro before ] how to handle the dslr, she keep holding it, and of course taking lots of da pics!.

then, it's suppose to be a biology class, but the teacher was not here. she was busy, handling the SPM's papers. i keep wondering, why the marking session would be that quick?..i was sitting that cement made stairs, in front of da class, hoping to get the fresh brezzy air, it's stuck in the class!, then mas joining me, sit and massage me as well.haha. what a good friend i was!. mas not in a proper mood as she was excited with her sister's PMR result.btw, congrats [ normasniati (i think i spell her name right, i don't care it's not a spell-it-right contest,huh)] she's got straight A's.again, congrats hah!

then the good news approaching us, we can go home by 11.30am!..haha.of course, most of all was excited..i got lil things to do, as my chemistry homework that i had call it already "the chempickles" sort of pickle+chemistry homework=chempickles.haha.i kept staring at those question for 11 days to be precise.huhu.i have to get it done by today, no doubt!.so, i ask my friend, aliah who was famous for her chemistry things, and we discuss about it for 1/2 hour.huhu.what a "simple question it was!..easy loh!huhu.".qis, bz with her hp, playing games!..what a girl!.haha.

then i went back to the class, continue my chemistry things, and have a chat wif my old buddies, Aina.a friend of mine when i was in form 1.then i sit on that cement stairs again, enjoying the fresh air of maahad, my beloved school!.then, i thought maybe i could join ten, im, n nab taking reports for the ICT, [ talking about ICT, FYI, i had resigned from the ICT due to the personal problem, i'm really sorry. but i have to do it. ] as i was really damn, i take a lil steps, enjoying the greenic carpet, enjoying the fresh scent of that green carpet, and make my way up to dat big the PMR's results would be announce there. i could hear that familiar voice, cikgu lili or papa li, happily annoucing the always,..

i think i should stop here, as i need to have a good rest before i get in battle again.

[deep meaning~]

keyboard ofF~

nb1:congrats to;
<>cik salwani sofea aka k.long [cousin ]
<>mr apih [cousin ]
<> adek mas,
<>raihanah [junior]
<>dan yg swaktu dgnnya for the PMR rsult!.
nb2:i got a hug from a friend..(^_^)
nb3:it's gonna be tiring tomorrow, to be precise, TODAY!
nb4:should i turn off my hp?
nb5:i can't sleep well lately, it's keep coming back
nb6:i realize something, i got a week bfore the torture of the form 5 begins!

nb7:i don't know if i had made a decision well, leaving the ICT make me feel bad.
nb8:thanks to kak ten for da bookS and gifts.
nb9:amni, kak ten bg gifts kat amni jgk!
nb10: thanks to the passing girls, who take our pics well.huhu

Oh God, gve the strength so dat i can hold this well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i miss u toO~

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*good to be back*


i read something on a kinda strucks my heart well.i really have to admit it.i kinda weird lately. i don't know why.and the way she's writing it on her blog, made me thinking hard.

"what had i done to her?"
'what i had done to my friends?"
"what kind of weirdo i was?"

"does it too much?"

huhu.this not so WH questions really disturbing me all day.but then i realize, i had my FRIENDS to coax me, to help me, to console me every time i need them.

i'm soo sorry if my bizarre characters really make you feel bad.

*back to malay*

irna dapat email.from my best friend. terima kasih kat DIA sebab bg email kat irna, and myedarkan irna dat, i had my frens!.emm, maybe she's rite.she does.

THANKS to HER!..a lot!

*xdep mood nk tulis pnjag2..mmerlukan sdikit ruang utk myendiri..*

keyboard ofF~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battle is Hard

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Battle is Hard~
written by:irnasofia

It's been long to grief this any longer,
I should stop thinking of it,shall be the one to say,
I don't care

I should take the sword,
Holding it tight
endure the stabs

Although all rainbow i seen,
not all that nice
But you make me
we can't always
had that nice
sorround us

i lost my only strength
in the battle of line
i lost it when i'm breathless
on that ground
but then,
i remember your words
to keep breathing,
to keep surviving,
to keep holding,
to keep fighting,
over this
and i'm remember your fight,
with those circle round things,
with the men in the white coat,
and waters to flow,
i was too.

although i collapse
falling from this,
but your words and strength close
hold me to bold
Buti don't know,
which hurt the most
losing you or pain that never eases,
when in pink, then you came,
it starts aching again,
your smile i see
holding me tight
squeezing the day

You are my heartbeat,
beating inside of me,
carrying me through,
everything in front me

when i'm feel sad,
you tell me stories,
to live in cherish day,
and tears that i had,
dry without falling apart

i miss our chats
the way you used to talk
about dreams and desires
but now,
i'm left wondering

i wake up,
from a long rest,
and i know
i can't see you more
and it's a fact that i have to pay,
because you're far away

i hope i can follow you
to the deep sleep,
meeting the Most Powerful,
so that i can make everyonepleased,
not what i did now,
longing for love and cares,
troubling the ones i love

then i realize,
God did the right thing to you,
and He want me to stay here,
to get back in track,
that you had left.

I'm a martyr,
stood in front battle line,
i'm a fighter,
with a hand full of braveness,
i'm a soldier,
who hold the gun in green
i'm not a surrender!

* i keep fighting! *
keyboard ofF~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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just a short post~

"i'm gonna be away for a while~"

Satu statement yang rumit untuk dibicarakan.yang pasti, blog ini akan di-SENYAP kan seketika kerana adminnya perlu memikirkan beberapa perkara yang sangat sangat penting untuk dirinya.kepada followers blog ini, harap bersabar untuk post yang seterusnya.reasons untuk admin blog ini men"away" kan diri tidaklah diketahui sesiapa dan hanya diketahui oleh admin sendiri.

keyboard ofF~

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sharing is Love

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Sharing is Loving

written by: irnasofia
dedicated to: arya armila

sitting on chair,
thinking you there,
i act like i don't care,
but my heart still care.

You told me your greatest secrets,
and we both share the same spot,
i hold your hand,
and listen to your grief,
i couldn't do nothing
but only listen,
sharing what you feel,
and your bitten

why do unfortune thing
have to happen
to someone greatest just like you?

give me that pain,
sorrounds me not you,
so that i can see
yourbright sunny sunshine again.

you show me your weakness
and sobbing with fears,
and i know you just normal person,
who have own matters
you helped me a lot,
to face the reality,
to face the serenity,
to hold the priority,
and i keep that
deep in my heart

and it's my turn,
to help you with my concern,
just tell me
i do what you want me to

i honestly wish
for youmy friend,
to know i'll always lend a hand
God did great job sending me to you
and have you for me too~

*i don't know if i spell her name right..eemm,, no comment!
to her: specially dedicated to you, only a simple poem to keep you happy~..i won't leave u alone~
nb:paragraph 4:really mean it!!

keyboard ofF~

Mountain of Thanks

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Mountain of Thanks~
written by:irnasofia
dedicated to: Aliah
You used to be my buddy,
with stories to company,
i had nothing to share to you,
i just give my pain to you

i'm smiling at you,
but then you realize it wasn't true
i tend to laugh with you,
but then you realize it wasn't true
sometimes i wish i could lie
so that i can see your greatest smile
not your worries
and your deep blue
when i couldn't lie to you

the advices and words
keep me staying here
although i fall with tears
i keep coming here
because i know
i couldn't ask anyone
except my dear

you told me not to think about it,
but sorry, i can't do it
it just happen
and sometimes it hard to core

thank to God,
He send me this little girl,
who comfort me when i'm blue,
cherish me to stay true,
tell me to keep breathing,
and never stop hoping.

but i thank you
and this words
hope enough to you

*my second poem, really have big meaning inside of it.only we know it~..

to her: sorry for disturbing you all this long, love your words and advices you give.remember me in your call me if you need anything!

keyboard ofF~

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pengalaman itu Penting

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salam 1 Malaysia..apa kes?

sjk brapa hr ini sy agk emo..maafkn sy..apa kes ber saya saya ni?

hari ini irna pergi USM diulangi USM bkn HUSM..pembetulan yer kanak2..irna dtg skoloh ngan perasaan suam suam kuku tunggu kat pondok yg kat hutan uh, alah yang dekat2 ngan wakaf pak guard uh,..konon2 layan prasaan..ecece..huhu..tunggu jap bele2 blik buku cerito..hahah..saya buat jahat ai ni, kesalahan xbesar mana just bawa bku .."the cupid effects" by dorothy koomson, title cam gedix tapi cite best..sambung2.. lebih kurang lam kul 8++ rsanya bas smpai..tunggu kat pndok..bla3..

then naik bas,
lam bas ada bdk sc2, sc3 n beberapa tmbhn pelajar sbb seat banyak kosong..naik bas duduk ngan mas, phtu bca smbg bca buku motivasi lak..hahaha..buku im..tajuk best jer, sambar je la..sebenarnya, nk ddk seat blkg skali bena, tp seat itu tlh di conquer oleh cik yam n sekutunya, alih pom sama,tegar sungguh mereka2 itu...buku motivasi itu stlh dibelek bbrapa kali, akhirnya smpai la kat usm..waa, "long time no see" usm!.

then we're heading ke one of blik kuliah kat c2, nice, come gop tp kecik..hahaha..duduk blkg , n satu fakta yg diakui oleh rmai pihak..kalu tido sgt2 la best kat c2..smgt molep bdop2 ni..i'm of them haruskah dibina bgnn itu tinggi? bkpo xdop lif ??..pnt eden~
dlm uh dgr taklimat dr cik heliza, mcm2 bdk2 ni tnya..aerospace...aerospace???

then, kitaorg pergi muzium anatomi..syok..mcm2 ad, ad mcm2 bhgn system bdn..syok tgk bnda2 gitu, yng pling mnarik phatian, of course Heart, xtau bkpo..nk jd cardiologist kot. juz wondering bgaimna rsanya kalu heart itu di operate?..isshhh..huhuuhu..lama gak kat section cardio, siap ddk lagi,tilik organ..huhu..then ad yg plin seram, yang section neck n jaws sero..wooo...seram y amat wat uh, wat plin seram diantara yang seram wat palo dlm kotak uh..ish2..sie tgk baby dlm kotak itu, kecik lg..ish2

sepatutnya kitaorg bules msk blik myt, tp ad pengambaraan gapo tau..kitaorg intai kot tingkap jah,tengok tersadai seorang insan!..seram..ph2 kecek ngan wat kijo c2, kitaorg tnyo mcm2,ph2 dio bkak dlm kotak dpn blik myat, guess what ad gpo dale uh? bngkai monyet ngan biawak..sedang direndam dlm formalin,ph2 bro uh oyk, sebab kitaorg tnyo..benanyo mayat2 uh, dijual n mereka merelakan diri meraka utk dijual.selalunya dr luar negara,.bro uh oyk, dlm malaysia pom ad gop, n mayat uh akn di potong2, n dibuang blood, n dimaskkn ubat dlm urat2 dio, ph2 direndam dlm formalin slama 3 bulan..yup 3 bulan!!..seksa molep..sebab tersyok dgr bro uh kecek, kami tertinggal kereta api, ph2 cikgu tasnim mari pnggil..

ph2 gi human genome center, bljr sket2 psal genetics, kmahiran biologi diperlukan disini..nasib baek data2 msa exam final ai tu ad lagi dlm palo, kalu x malu ko skoloh jah.sene kiro ad 2 bnda hok dio oyk drpd 4 karo..
1.Diagnostic Cytogenetics service:
ambk dr blood,,bone narrow ngan amniotic fluid
utk: investigate chromosomes breakage syndrome

2.Molecular Cytogenetics Services
Fluoresence in situ Hybridization (FISH):
~ trisomi kromosom
~chromosomes microdeletions
mcm (prader-willi?angelman syndrome & DiGeorge Syndrome)
~leukemia specific chromosomes translocation / fusion genes
~whole chromosome painting

ph2 kitaorg gi mlawat lab2 yg disebutkan diats..

then kitaorg gi ke wad simulasi, n dibawa msk ke blik2 belajr bdk2 medic kat situ..ada 5 ko 6 blik cardio,respiratory,reproductive,bla3..mcm3 ah..xingat kawe n catat 1 1..msk blik kardio, syok sero, bnyi jantung berdegup derah po gapo..dubb-dapp..dubb-dapp..n mannequin kat situ byk n kami xbules sntuh tkt naik fungus..bilik respiratori pon syok ugop, ad bnyi ore asthma attack+heart beat..dupp+aaaa+dabbb+heeekk..xreti nk describe ehh..hahah..n pling best skali, bilik reproduktif, tgk Puan xtau nma oyk psl melahirkan..ish3..
Round pnya round, perot pom meround lapar, ibarat main merry go round, kami dibawa ke cafe pljr usm..mkn kat situ..tgk sep2 dio beli..sedap xdop mood nk make, minum air sudos laa...tgh2 syok uh, kami kna blik..tunggu la kat bwh pokok..xdop mood..bdk2 ni syok posing maut pnya..bihah n da geng pah ko dlm longkang, yam kat signboard jas..

kelik naik bas, tido, pnat sgt3..samapi skul pukul 2.05pm..ph2 straight naik keto kelik laaa...

~keyboard ofF~
:seriously, mcm bersemangat sket, tp mcm bules ko nk jd gitu?..
:syok tgk pic heart..wondering~..
:agk2 blur sdikit hr ini, pnat round2 jalan2..
:seblm trlupa, my sis said usually bodies yg dibuat study uh adlh coming from india, it is because india tend to sell themselves due to their financial state, that's why India is one of the best country in medicine.

Monday, November 2, 2009

No Comment

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satu perasaan yang tak dapat diucapkan dengan kata-kata.Hanya mampu dizahirkan dengan jejari keyboard yang menari-nari dangdut.*meroyan
exam woaaa! far not so good.emm..-no comment-
lebih lebih lagi soalan adab nusus.nusus ok.adab tak OK!.ada masalah masa tu.otak sedikit jem + masalah dalaman.huhuhu.DIA nak bagi ujian.-no comment-
last paper~ tarikh islam -no comment-

-salam,keyboard oFf-

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Terima Kasih, KAWAN!

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satu entry post agk serious..huhuuhu
satu pkataan yg irna xtau mkna dlu, satu pktaan yg asing bg irna.skrg xlagi.irna dah faham apa mkna kwan dan lawan.kawan..
best kan ada kawan?
yup..mmg best..
kalau ada kawan,
kita bleh share stories,
bila ada kawan,
kita bleh ktawa sma2,
bila ada kawan,
bru kita tau nikmatnya hidup,
bila ada kawan,
kita tau kita disayangi,
bila ada kawan,
kita rasa lebih dihargai,
bila ada kawan,
kita jadi lebih semangat..
bila kita ada kawan..~
nb:trima kasih kpd yg istimewa dihati!,yg bg kkuatan diri, trima kasih kwn!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Saya Seorang Pengganas??

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lama xpost..agak2 sbuk skarang.~

kali nak cita psal kejadian yg brlaku dalm minggu lepas, psal keganasan rumah tangga..hahaha

gini, dalm bln ni, adik irna [mariam], irna, sama sepupu irna pi PSI 1, PSI 2, SMO ngan POPULAR smata-mata nak bli buku..irna dah beli 6 buku baru, adik irna dalam 10++ dah sepupu irna 5++..kitaorg dah berpakat dan nekad nak bli buku sempena lepas exam nnti.adik irna dah awal2 lagi tak nak baca buku irna sebab dia xsuka bca english novel, adik irna bli buku PTS ONE tuh, n sepupu irna bli mr midnight+ bku PTS ONE gak.

nak dijadikan cerita, irna pom bca la buku adik irna + tolom balutkan lagi.pnya la baek kan?
irna je la yang bca buku adik irna, adik irna tak baca pom buku irna.malm rabu tuh, irna sama kakak irna makan buah mangga [ buah pauh ] dalam dalm 4 biji gitu. kakak irna ambk 2 irna ambk 2. mariam lak masa tuh kat ats, dlm blik.dia xtau la kitaorg tgh mkn.
tgh2 syok makn, tiba2 cik mariam ni pon turun, dia pom mntak ngan irna buah pauh tuh, irna xkasi~..
'nak jugak.."
"xleh..xse wi"
"hok aloh..ore nak jgop!'
" xleh..xleh..xleh"
"xpo, kakak [mariam] xse wi kak lang[ irna ] baca buku kakak!'
"loh la..xkesoh pom.."

irna pom makan la lagi buah pauh tuh ngan apang [adik irna], pah2 irna sipe sikit ko mariam, setengah buah pauh tuh, suruh amin[adik irna ugop] gi bagi ko mariam yang kononnya merajuk dalm blik.

amin: kak lang, kakak oyak dio xse makn buah tuh..
irna; ikut dio ah, ngado2..

malam tuh, masa irna nak tido, irna pom cari la buku, sebab irna nak baca,dah rasa dah mesti mariam nih sorokkan buku tuh.cari la dalam almari, bawah katil, bawah bantal tapi xketemuan.last2 irna pi gerak mariam bangun n tanya dia mana buku yang dia sorokkan.

irna: weh, mana buku!!
mariam: bosan ar, ore nak tido!
irna: cepat ar..!
mariam: ore nak TIDO!!!
irna: ah xkiro nak buku ugop!!!
mariam:[ tarik selimut]
irna: dush! [ terpukul mariam..ter k??]
mariam: sakit la!
irna: memang la sakit, mana buku????

kami pon bergaduh, tarik rambut, sepak2 ..
dum dum dum...dush dush dush..
*terpaksa di censorkan sebab mengandungi unsur2 jenayah~

last skali irna terpukul mulut mariam, n..

mariam: daroh...
irna:[panik skit]..
mariam: nak oyak ko mok..
mariam:[ala2 dalm tv, kalau plakon dia cedera..]

mariam pon nanges2 ats lantai bilik,irna pnya lah jahat dok ats katil.

irna: xse tido ats ko wei??
irna: nak ko xse?

selang beberapa minit kemudian irna tnya lagi tapi xada jawapan..

irna: nak tido atas lantai sangat teh! [ sambil bagi bntal]..tido bawah senyap2 deh!
mariam: [ senyap]

pagi tuh, irna pom bngun nak gi skoloh, bgn2 tgk mariam ado kat sebelah.dio pom bngun, irna xsempat nak tgk muko dio.dio turun kat bwah cari mak irna.irna pom teruskan persiapan nak gi skoloh.
irna turun jumpa mak irna..

mum:bkpo te mariam sampai aroh mulut?
irna: dio cari psal sgt nagn suruh..
mum: ish2..mafia molep..

mafia? huhuhu...biasoo~~

nak dipendekkan cerita, mariam xpergi skoloh 2 hari sebab mulut dia bengkak..hasil irna~
skarng sapa gaduh2 kat umah irna dengan rela hatinya bertnya..
'sapo nak daroh mulut silakan bergocoh!'

ha3..nak tau bkpo irna bekeng sangat ari tu?
sebab irna bli buku shin chan and mariam adalah org pertama yang habiskan buku tuh.buku yang irna gaduhkan itu adalah buku pertama yang irna baca selepas mariam beli buku baru, so xadil la kalau mariam baca buku irna tapi irna tak boleh baca buku dia.

yang paling lawop skali..
rupa2 nya buku tuh mariam sorokkan bawah katil, dia letak dalm plastik..tu pon irna jumpa lepas 4 hari kami bergaduh sebabnya masa tuh irna nak kemaskan bilik..

*pnganas tuh sebab masa irna blik sekolah, apang ada..dia cakap
'ho balik doh pnggans ari ni..'

irna sikit pom xtrasa..rsa mcm lawop sgt2..bnda kecik gitu pom bleh baloh..apa daaa~~

Friday, September 25, 2009

20092009 dan Raya

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selamat hari raya ke-?
salam lebaran,huhu..

masih dalam keadaan penat.penat penat penat
skarang di famili semua tengah menuju ke terengganu.nk hntar menantu.
dok umah layan internet n tengok tv.
bkan mak tak kasi pergi, tapi irna yang malas nak pergi.
jauh jauh jauh~
nak baca buku..[in bracket]
irna dah dapat anak sedara~
dilahirkan pada hari raya first..
and DOB dia chantek..
nice kan?
pic blum di uploadkan lagi.malas~
semalam, pi kbmall..]
ramai tol orang.
masa irna n sis tgh mkn kat mcd sambil mnunggu abng irna, ada 2 org pon*** duk sebelah.rimas!
macam laki2..rpanya2
[back to kelantan dialect]
doh la dok kecek pasal jate!
'u tau tak [A bkn nama sbnar] ari tu, tido atas i..nasib baek dia hensem~'
huhuhu..apa nak jadi la~~
irna dah bli bku baru..
[ accidentally engaged ]
belum baca lagih..
nak simpan dlu..

duit raya?
biasa2 saja~
sapa nak duit raya, jemput datang umah~
pintu pagar sentiasa BERKUNCI

takpe la~
stakat ni dlu
nak pi simpan blik..
nak simpan balik buku2 yang dah disimpan dalam kotak sempena raya..
dah nak abes cuti..
tak nak!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Edisi Khas Hari Raya

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maafkan saya cik blog krana tlah blaku curang~
bkn saya xmnepati janji tp saya dah rasa gian
bila blogging dah jadi hobi
dan tiba2 buat keputusan drastik, inilah jdnya..
meroyan xtntu pasal..hu3

he3.dah nk raya kn?.cpt jer rsa.entah knapa irna taun ni smgat smcm jer nk smbut raya.xtau knapa.
ye la ore bru 2 hari puasa irna dh sebok cari lagu raya.ha3..
tiap2 hr msti rsa nk dgr lagu rya..
kalu xdgr lgu rya rsa mcm semacam jer.hu3
last2 download ajer lagu he3..ph2 dgr puas2 smpai bernanah telinga.
kat skolah cekgu xder nyanyi lagu rya..
ntah apa-apa..
maafkan irna bdk2 4sc2 skalian, terpaksa mdegar dan mnahan telinga mu~

taun ni raya irna mcm biasa..xseistimewa yg laen,tp taun ni laen sket..irna beraya dalam mood "bekwoh"..kakak irna dh nk kawen!.lorr dah nk kawen bdak ni..smalm bru kita main masak2 sama2..InsyaAllah dlm raya ketiga nih, kakak irna [ irni ismail ]< (comeii jer nama dia kn?tepat,padat dan ringkas) akan kawen.huh! penat knduri taum lepas pom blum abes lagi.

dalam raya ni jgk irna akn jadi auntie~..he3.xsabar!..
abang sulong irna [ irme ismail ]< (nama dia pom comeii jgk,kecik jer senang nak tulis, xmacam irna, kalau dpt bku teks, naik lenguh la nk tulis nama sendiri!) akan dapat cahaya mata..due date dlm 25 sept nih..tapi ank first biasanya lebih awal kn?..

to kak long [ kakak ipar]: moga slamat men'deliver' kan baby!
to bakal ank sedaraku: keluar nnti mak lang [ irna la tu! ] belanja makan ice cream ek!..nnti jadi comeii mcm mak lang..he3

dalam mood best rya ni, ada gak yg xbest.
kat tv cita byk la!..banyak sangatsangat..dah xtau nk tgk yang mana..tapi raya ni irna xdapat men'enjoykan' diri tengok tv sebab bekwohh pnya pasal

bawang besar, bawang putih dan etc dah tersengih utk dikupas kulitnya..=].sabar yer cik bawang2 sekalian nnti kamoo semua akan dikupas dengan rakusnya oleh saya!

duit raya taon ni msti lagi skit dari taun lepas.tahun lepas RM 10 taun ni mesti lagi skit dari tuh!,,hu3
[ sebenarnya irna xsuka pergi beraya kat umah orang, (saya pemalu orangnya (tipu!)) biasa lepas balik dari umah nenek ku, irna terus ON kan tv sambil mnum air oren, bertemankan kuih tart disisi, sambil tgn mnekan2 remote tv, kepala atas bantal, mulut ternganga2 depan tv tgk semua cerita yg ada kat tv]

harap2 tok balek!..mesti balik taun ni sebab kak ngah nk kawen.kak lang rindu tok! [tiba2 jer].tok irna tinggal kat KL..sngat susah nak jumpa ngan dia..

exam exam n more exam..
tapi cikgu li [sorry, irna geli nk pnggil papa li ] dah cakap xpayah baca buku cuti ni.beres, bisa diatur~~

biskut raya dah abes!.dan taun ni dah akan buat biskut raya!..hari isnin minggu lepas pom irna buat biskut raya seorang diri, sebab dah gian nk makan tart nenas tapi dah nasib, biskut dah abes sebelum raya semua kak yong la yang makan

bku malindo dah meronta ronta minta diisi.cikgu ju, slamat hari raya~
kalau irna ada masa (nampak x perkataan kalau) irna penuhkan lah yer,

to semua; selamat hari raya rayer~
to akak2 form 5:kak ten,kak tik,kak ain bdak baex,kak zakiah,kak fiq,kak bilah,kak hani,kak adindalulu dan sewaktu dengannya, good luck pekso nnti deh..!
to yang berkenaan: im,mas,nab,mcten,qis,ibah,farhana,anis,nik,yam,shuhaida,bla3[xmuat nak tulis] selamat hari raya,jangan baco deh!
tp someone special: cik niji, he3 sorry lama xdatang umah.bkn xse gi tapi bulan2 puasa ni macam pelik jer balik dari umah orang pukul 7, lps raya nti deh!..nnti irna gi umah,sedia lalu ah duit raya..lepas ni sambung balik study group deh~

**maaf lako deh..kalu ado salah mano2..
terlebih gurau,
tersaloh kato,
maaf lako deh
biaso la cik irna ni suko dooh kecek..pot pet pot pet siang malam..
sorry bnyok2~~**

kuarantin xjadi maso rayo, lps rayo sambung mood kuarantin balik!

Friday, September 11, 2009


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utk mengelakkan hati cik niji mjadi kecik, terpksa la irna buat tag nih..hu3
apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?
lalala~..ntah,,sebenarnya xtau nk bg namo gapo..lalala tuh mcm nyanyi2 dan tgh pikir laa~
apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea untuk menamakannya seperti itu? buat jer..saja nk gna nama sendiri takut terlupa link he3~~~
apakah method penulisan dalam blog anda?
xder method..saya tulis apa yg saya rsa nk tulis..
pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda?
pernah..tapi sayang nk buat~..hu3..exceli..xpernah pom!
apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemillik blog yang TAG anda ini?
cik niji?..hu3..funny,cute,bjok~! [kredit sket]
senaraikan 10 orang yang akan anda tag
1.niji..[kna balek!]..ha3
5.cik yam


Thursday, September 10, 2009


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nk nyanyi sket~
"knapa ini semua harus berlaku~.."
x se!
x mboh!
nehi nehi!
no no no!
knpa harus di-ada-kan exam akhir thn?
penim doh otak den dok pikir~
mcm mna la nk cover..hu3.
*jgn give up~!
[muhasabah balek]
exceli msa blek skul td lps dpt berita ado exam akhir tahun, irna dah me-nangeskan diri..hu3~
[mum irna dah gelakkan irna sebab kna exam and mum irna amat2 menyokong tindakan ini!]
Oleh itu..
satu keputusan nekad tlah dibuat setelah bermonolog sendiri ketika di kamar tido~
lps exam nti irna blogging balik deh~
harap mklum~
"harap2 la xjadi exam akhir tahun~"

Thursday, September 3, 2009


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heh~..dah lama xpost baru.hi3.bkn gapo.xdop idea+ malas..bajet nk baco bena tp gak..[paham2 la yer~]

smlm, irna bgn dgn ssh payah.ahh~.,nk cuti agih~~!! irna xterkam terus nasi tuh.ntah knapa rasa nak iron baju..trus irna on kan suis iron and iron bju.

'aik, bkpo bju ni nmpok besar ek??'

'saloh bju ko nih?..ko bju cik yam.[buat pgetahuan semua adek irna namanya mariam]

gosok2..dgn 'bersemngatnya nk gi skoloh~'[in bracket deh!].bele2 gosok bju dok tringat ko saem2 ngan skoloh.lamo xtgk skoloh sero.sudoh gosok dale pukul 5.15am, bru la mkn nasik.lps mkn hjt nk tido, tp sbb diet, xleh la tido.lgpom nk ssn jadual.xingat doh jadual hari gapo..

naik keto, smpi skolh

turun keto..




mcm kaler **** bilik irna..

untung cino nih, xnyoh wat pagar bru..

yup!pagar baru, walaupun dah xbrapa bru tp disebabkan irna dah lama xgi skoloh, jadilah pagar tuh bnda bru bg irna.irna trus heading ke klas.xsbr weh nk tgk kelas~..

msk klas, debau2..

loh..bos nih pg2 pengsan doh..ayo!

mas, bgs..xtdo..irna pom sipe la bwh mejo yang ado mcm2 bndo..sampah sarap etc.ph2 gi kat mejo ckgu, tgk kalu ado bku nahu irna yg mhilangkan diri.then, mcten pom mari kat klas.bajet msti rndu dooh kat irna sapa xleh tunggu lps2 ni.

masa kat skoloh mcm rsa mcm YB la situh ado ore tnyo..
'gano lamo xmari skoloh?'

'lamo demo cuti..'

'gano weh sihat ko??'

hok ingat kali, shu or shuhada[panggilan khas masa chemis] mari kat irna pegang tgn n tnyo,
'sihat dop?'

ckgu bio pom tnyo bkpo xmari.he3.msk hari ni dah 18 hari irna xmari skoloh.byk tuh!.record dlm kls.hu3..what can i do?~~~

buat pengetahuan semua hari sabtu ari tuh irna demam..irna pom gi kecemasan kat usm n doc tuh bg cuti 4 hari tmasuk cuti[hari merdeka]..hu3 irna dh takot sgt2 kalu ado2 gapo ngan influenza tuut tuh~..xse2!.

buat2 kwn2 semua..
thank you sbb concern psl irna slama nih~
irna sgt2 mhargainya!

p/s:thanks shu!~
[jgn jeles eh~]

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Vies

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The Vies
written by: irna
it's awkward,
yes it is,
in silence
of the night,
stood over the moon,
after the long deeps,
and ado.
i'm done to groan,
and sick of grones,
but i can't let myself vies,
vies for life.
as my eies can't carry more,
and my tears won't drop more,
as i struggle for moneth,
the moneth of vies.
i am a vann.
stood weakly in front of the battle line,
battle for myself
the only sword that i have,
it only a vial of physick,
but i know,
all of these vies,
have all the reason,
reason for one.

this poem is really meant to me.hope u get the meaning n the feeling.for your convenience, these are the meaning of certain words~

Hi5 Emoticon

vies=(in diction. to compete strongly with somebody in order to obtain or achieve something) for this poem, it is struggle

eina= used to express sudden pain

ado=(in dictionary,[immediately]) but for this poem it is [trouble]




vann=those in front of war

vial=phial [small jar of medicine]


please comment and state your thoughts about this poem!..~

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My Style

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sbb mcten pom dh mgesa irna srh post a poem,so irna pom bbuat demikian..kebetulan, irna dah create poem bru..sbbnya ada bnda tjadi(don't ask me!)..n kebetulan jgop pd hari Slasa ari tuh irna ke library awam sbb nk buat kerja sket..dh pergi library nk buat apa kn?..n pd masa tu jgk, irna found a poem book,written by christopher rsanya..ntah xingat..irna just ska dia pnya stail of language n dia mgunakan bhasa lama,it's nicely done!..n irna pom slin la bbrapa pkataan bru for reference.irna pom balik tgk dictionary,semua pkataan tuh xda pom dlm kamus,so xbleh la nk guna utk essay!..but poem is different!..tu yg irna ska psal poem,bleh gna ssuka hati n rasa,irna pom decide nk guna semua pkataan tuh dlm poem..kbetulan pulak, sesuai dgn poem yg irna nk buat..

*draft poem nih!..

mcm tu la rupa draft asal poem irna,lps tulis n bpuas hati brulah di'transfer' balik ke bku poem irna~

*ni bku poem irna!

lps tuh brulah irna pilih sama ada nk post k x..btw, kat tepi bku poem tuh, kan ada dictionary, itu pom bnda yg amat mbantu irna tulis poem..dictionary itu sangat bagus!!

nmpaknya poem kna post kat page laen~..

Monday, August 24, 2009

You Were There For Me

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isshh~..what am i doing?..posting a poem?..no3..irna is not a 'jiwang' girl i think..but i couldn't help myself taking a pen and write a poem..does everybody do it?
but after i read this, i could stop myself from laughing..seriously, i don't really think that i could wrote a poem..
i've got addicted to poem after niji or amni do lots of poem and it's really struck my heart..n i also wrote a special poem for her that i made it myself.yup! just for her..niji, next post ok!..

this poem is about friendship, n it's my fifth poem in my poetry is about friendship that i have for years, about friends who really meant to me..friends who always listen to me when i'm having difficulties and problems..thanks FRIENDS!
dedicated to: cbt teams, niji,classmates[ shu,yam, n so on],kak ten, n team it buddies~

words last forever,
at this moment,
that seem like the old,
yet it only happen,
when friendship born,
and dream for one.
tears fill me,
with both good and bad,
some nearly forgotten,
yet all dear to heart.
you always here,
in times of hand,
and times in thanks.
you kept by myside,
and held me up,
through your ever caring looks,
to your comforting hugs,
and i always know that,
you are always here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

at last~

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yea3..periksa dah abes slps 2 weeks dok myeksa hidupku..hu3
overall exam kali ni irna xharpkn result yg comeii
no 'BINTANG' 4 this exam~
sorry byk2 mak su nah!
again n again [ala2 2PM]

hari ni kat skul ada jamuan lps abes periksa + jamuan oleh naibah tsyg cik syafiqah aka fiq or 'bitey'..ha3..
daku hnya mmpu mrenung mknn yg thidang
at least bleh ar tolom2 kerat apa2 yg ptut~
msa dlm peksa irna ddk dlm klas tp balaskn tikar yg dibawa oleh nab n irna sndiri..lbh mesra bumi dan lantai
tp ada sedikit ketidak sedapan~
dlm minggu nih jgop tp xtau blo ado ore pinje tkar irna tp xsipe blik..siap ado nasik lagi ats tikar!..maroh teman
last2 irna gi tulis kat dpn
"sapo2 yg guna tikar sila simpan + lipat balik..terima kasih~"
ari ni tikar ku trlipat cntik wlaupun ado rumput kes pngguna yg mgunakannya gna msa kat at least lipat balik ni dop gna sajo jas tp xse sipe..pndai ambk pndai sipe ar~

msa peksa ni jgop irna dok mgarut kokse
mgelarkan diri sndir "ma" stand 4 mama yg mpunyai 7++ org ank..tmasuk ank angkat.ha3..
yam~..ank angkat tbaru~

so bos, no lwtn smbil ngapo lg?
nk wat lwtn gano poSO!! nyakit molep jale2 dlm poso..mmg thp mguji iman la gi KB mall dlm poso..lalu dpn "stesen bihuun" or "stesen mee" aka noodle station, my favourite stop..ha3..
no bowling~ [bowling??]
no parkway~
no popular
no SMO
no bla3
no no no!
meeting tlh dibuat n mmutuskn no lwtn smbil ngapo in cuti nih!..

irna pom dh bkira2 nk wat gapo dlm cuti nih study ngan amni
2.habiskn english novel irna yg blabuh ats mja lagu korea~
4.tgk cito korea sapa penim palo
5.kcau ore
6.sipkn hwork yg ttnguh~
8.update blog cbt,irna n fs

so, tunggu msa jah nk buat~
ari ni genap seminggu lbih pencil case pink ku hilang~
tolom blik pncil case ku itu..sie ko ore..xpsal2 kna wat ic bru..hbs ile sumo pen2,mechanical pencil pen ku,argh!..nepek file ku yg ku beli scra haram mgunakan duit mumku jga hilang!..hu3..sie la weii..tido xkenyang mkn xbasah mndi xlena skrg nih~
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Monday, August 10, 2009


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dah la irna x post..dkt seminggu sero..adoyk bndo nk crito tp malas nk tulis..=]
ari ni exam..
hu3..byngkan org laen sebelum ni dh sibuk "ngapa'' seminggu sblm exam irna n da geng plop sibuk dok wat bnda ko YIk..ada k ptut?..kesian kami xsempat bca!!..tapi tkpo gak bleh pengalaman bru~..
nk cito psal kat blai islam skit..kat blai islam ari tu ado Pameran Sains n Teknologi dr 6-9 Ogos 2009..n irna lak pekso trial 10/8/09..penuh molep schedule..hu3..kat situ sgt best.kitaorg kna jga booth no 31 yakni [yakni??] dr kul 8 pg smpai kul 6 ptg..exceli samapi kul 10 mlm tp disbbkn kami pompuan n enggak elok utk seorg pompuan tubik mlm2 so bdk2 maahad lelaki [MJ] yg jgakan..kitaorg jga smbil bjaln2 tgk pameran..smpai abg celcom pom dh yg amt ku tidak berpuas hati..dr 10 keping tiket cabutan beryuah yg irna ambk 1 pom xkna!..maroh teman!!..cik fifi plop ambk 4 pom xkna..baik la ain ambk 1 pom kna..xadil btul!..pah2 ado jgop cito nkal psal 1 org luar kat booth kitaorg then tnya psal kat mna keropok pling sedap..then kitaorg suggestkn kat tok dia tnya la mna tu tok bali kitaorg ckp kat "rettok".org tu pom ckp yg "rettok" tu retak aka pecah..ha3..terus kitaorg gelakkan dia..hu3..hu3..teringat psal fifi,kiki n wanda la plop..hu3.

pah2 ader abg bomba yg xpuas hati ngan booth kami..booth kami ader buat mind bomba tu xpuas hati sbb kitaoreg bleh bca mind dia..dia tunggu kat booth kitaorg..lma gak..ph2 ajk kwn2 diorg semua test mind reader..pah2 ader sep2 nurse dr USM buat mind reader..sbb pak cik tuh mcm nk tau sgt tpaksalah kitaorg bg tau rahsia mind reader mind reader tuh mmg dpt smabutan yg hangat...kiataorg tpaksa ttp booth awl sbb exam..kitaorg ttp botth lbh krg kul 1 PM tp tgh kemas2 tuh ada pak cik dtg n tnyakan psal mind reder..kesian lak tgk paklcik tuh
exam ari ni!
mlm belum exam dikejutkn dgn brita cik ibah msk wad..huissh!..ingtkn kna selsema [tuut] tp tidak..yelah skolah pom tgh sibuk psal bnda hangat nih sbb ada bdk skul kna selsema [tuut..] so. mati2 ingat ibah kna bnda tuh..farhana lak atar msj kul 12 lbh mna la xterkejut..rupa2nya ibah msk wad sbb apendiks..hu3..syafakillah~
periksa trial ni irna periksa dlm dewan..hiush..terus tkt..kalau lam klas tuh rsanya laen dewan pah2 gna mic plop..trus xleh jwb.ha3..pah2 irna msk dewan ngan raidah ku tsayang sbb nk tau ddk kat mna..sbb msa diorg simpan dwn orna xdop..ddk pah2 sa ado org cuit yam!? duk tepi jah?..
tp msa exam quran irna nk mrh la quran kn..tgh2 dok recall ayt quran tiba2 ustaz ganggu ngan mic psan srh penuhkan slip msk dewan n so on..trus ganggu konsentrasi irna,,masa lam exam tuh irna dok lwn batuk ngan irna pnya xder la steruk yam..kesian yam..then irna tgk dia pkai mask.irna pom ader mask tp xsnggup nk pkai..ha3.irna tgk yam cam ninja lak..ha3
then it;s nahu
lam kul 11 gituh kitaorg msk dwn..ddk ngan konfidennya sbb dh spot soalan n dh risik soalan ngan [tuut]..hu3,..ingatkn bleh la jwb tp hampeh!.soraf mnganggu hdpku!..n irna time jwb nahu plop sgt2 mngantuk..xthn weh..siap sengguk2 lagih..siap jer tulis n jwb semua irna trus tido..xla lama sgt..then rsa ada org dtg kat irna rupa2 ckgu tasnim..ckgu tanya irna dh siap k blum..last2 irna check jwpn tkt ader yg ttinggal agak2 berpuas hati [walaupun tidak] trus hntar..bygkan dlm 1
dewan tuh irna la org first yg antar kertas..amaran:[don't try this at home!]

xper la dh lwt nih..Bm pom blum tgk2 lagi...tgk jer?

Saturday, August 1, 2009


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irna smakin tension!
periksa dh mkn dekat..,kerja pom mkin byk..hmwork pon dh mggunung..skit lagi nk sma tinggi ngan mount everest..mata pon dh pedih2 dok mngadap komputer..irna hv to stop 4 a while!..
utk mengelakkan mataku bertambah rosak..irna 'terpaksa' menstopkn aktiviti surfing internet n ini trmasuklah blogging n fs! more blogging n fs!..bkn utk slama2nya tp skejap utk bg laluan kpd exam~!..
irna xnak my report card merah!..xnak essayku bbunga2..xnak3!..
smalam irna pi blajar chemis wif my FRIEND miss amni yg blajr ngan dia..n she's soo brilliant!..u can be a great tutor!..n bru irna tau yg irna sgt2 teruk..huh!..kna study kuat lg nih!..n next week (mybe) nk pi blajar lg ngan dia..sorry amni nk kacau amni lagi!..

n tis week irna nk pi mliburkn dri kat balai islam!..kas3..sapa nk ikut jom!..ada pameran ntah..lupa nk tnya..n that's mean irna tpaksa mhitamkn diri di bwh terik mentari~.(kalau xddk bwh booth la~)..dr pg hingga ke petang!,,aduss~..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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exam?..[ amaran: sila potong kuku anda!..pnjg dos tuh~]

bnci pkataan nih~
gapo bndo la~
gapo bndo irna nih?
xdop td jadual pekso udah diedarkn..gue udah trasa ke'debau'an nya..kueh3..hbt penangan pekso ni..

bab2 exam nih ado cito sket~

mso irna form 1..time tus msh normal lg..irna tdk mgatakn bhwa irna skrg kurang normal tp thp kenormaln irna dibwh takat normal..ada phm?..time form 1 irna msh naive..bdop baek lagi time tus..time tu irna sma nab ngan qis sgt rapat(skrg pom!).. 2 ketul ni la wat skmo teman gi bli,mkn,bual,gossip etc..pah2 tgh2 taun mula la knal anis,bos,aina,tim(miss her!),nik,anis fatihah n etc..n kami mula rapat n byk~..semua nih skelas..n kami semua ada knangan yg xdpt dilupakan bsama tim..ekceli tim tu stnd 4 fatimah..disbbkn pyoh nk sebut jd la tim..(hanya kami yg mgerti~)..pekso pom bca rmai2..irna ska sgt prasaan bca rmai2 kalut rmai2 kalu xleh jwb..pah2 dok gelak2 sbb xleh sgt feeling tus..

form 2..pom bst kami sdh mula bpecah..tim,aina,bos dh kat klas kitaorg dpt kwn bru..mcten..dh knal since form 1 lagi..tu pom sbb dia skls ngan qis..msa form tu kitaorg skul ptg n ado exam bsr(PMRU)..slalu irna n anis akn ddk kat skul since pg smpai ke petang..buat hmwrk, xpom bbual2..mhabiskn msa..n prnah irna sneak out ke luar (pg) gi kat MCD utk bli breakfast..FYI, MCD xdibenarkn utk kitaorg msk kalu pkai bju skul!..sorry ustzh zila~..msa exam PMRU, kitaorg ada spot sndiri..kat blakg blok c..keadaan disitu sgt tenang..pokok pom byk..dh mcm kebun buah..ada pauh,cermai n etc..(xtau)..kitaorg prnah decide n kutip buah tp xsmpat smpai la skrg..msa kiatorg dok kat c2, kiatorg rmai2 msh tringat msa irna form 2 my pencil case ilang!..sdh la..doh bru bli..ish2..ngan calculator skali..smpai skrg irna still truma kat tmpt yg irna hilang pensel case tus~

form 3..

form yg pling rsa best..rsa nk sgt blik ke taun lps..sgt best!..irna ska sgt feeling blik lwt n rush2 nk gi extra class.time tu trasa sgt la pnat tp bla dikenag2 blik best.irna ska kalau kita nk mkn for lunch,(sblm msk klas), kitaorg akn mkn bwh make bwh pokok..doh la berangin..owh~..
exam msa form 3 irna sgt teruk!..slalu diklhkan oleh sep2 ni..diorg sgt bijak..bos ngan sains,iibah ngan tarikh sejarah nya,qis n mas ngan formula matematiknya yg merumitkn otak,nab ngan bku geog nya,farhan pom sejarah jgk..irna?..usah disbt..mnganga jer bla diorg sbt bnda2 tu semua..dgr jer..still skrg irna still bterima kasih kat kwn2 irna sbb byk tolom irna..terutama ko qis..qis byok tolom irna dlm mate..irna pom ska bljr mate ngan qis..*thumbs up~!
msa exam PMR pom kitaorg ddk kat blkg blok c lagi..n teringat lak m,sa exam tus..irna ni mmg pesen mari dad he's soo precise in time!..n irna msa tu dok sorg2..bygkn wktu tu msh gelap..suram sunyi..n ..

irna jumpa anjing..irna xtakut pom~..biasa2 mcm nk lari tp wat steady jah..n msa irna ddk dkt ngan anjing tus, mas pom sampai, mas xprase pom ado anjing kat situ sbb busy tgur irna..irna pom tunjuk ko dyo anjing yg ado 2-3 langkoh blkg dyo..mas pom kejut thp giga..nakal molep muka mas msa tu..hahaha..lawok molep..mujur mas xlari jah~..(kpd ore cino dpn skul sila jga anjing anda sebaik mungkin..jgn biarkn anjing anda mrayau2) [ngepen skjp]

ph2 msa exam PMR kitaorg rmai2 mgutuk pgawas periksa kami..ntah mcm gitu..jahat kn kami?..ntah..

form 4..

SMU xpriksa msa trial irna n nab ado bwk ddk atas tikar..lebih mesra alam..kitaorg ddk tp kelas sblh koop..strategik kn?..kalu lapr bleh gi bli..sng molep!..

n satu lagi habit kitaorg..xkira la periksa kecik ko bsr kitaorg akn celebrate.siap kutip pitis lagi..n msing2 bwk mkn rmai2..time mid year ari tu pom celebrate gak..:)..[kami ska mkn!]

penim otok den mikir..tringat plop kta2 ckgu

*'jgn dok ngapal sjo akademik kna bco gak..jgn tinggal akadeik tus..'
n td ckgu Ju kitaorg oyk crito yg dia ado tnyo sore bdop..

'wt gapo ambk SMu?'
'utk xpyoh gi kursus kawen ckgu!'
pikir2kn lah..i hv my own reasonsfor this thing~

lupa nk oyk!..

ari kami blajar chemis ngan senag hati!..ckgu sdp maklumlah tjk pyaduran emas..


mcm pnjg jah cerita mrapu irna ni..esk xskul!..i mean ari ni ..yea3..hwrk ku mnimbun lagi~..

p/s: tringat zmn dahulu kala..msa muda2 dlu~..bru tringt bhwa driku sdh tua~!

nk nea!!~~

no i don't! :]

Sunday, July 26, 2009


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lamo xpost weh..
tp gak kn skmo gna pkataan tulo kalu nk post..pehe dop?
kalu xpehe, abaikn~
xdop gapo nk oyk bena sajo jas..bena nyo dok tunggu download lgu bele2..smbil2 tunggu tus bleh post blog ni..
loni busy skit..busy ngan kijo xpkdos CBT..huhu..mgutip details2 cbt..sep2 ni xbg kerjosmo lah mno..slps digertak bru la nk bg..berat ar~
dh pkl 2.25 a.m!
wat gapo la cik irna ni..po xdop kijo bkak doh tenet..sjk blo la nk bruboh?,,adus2..pyoh ah de blogging ni..sero nk deleto gak syg~..
bo ah ngepek nyo~

ni nk oyk 1 crito nakal ari ni..marin jumaat ado smnr..smnr feqah..hadis xdop n ditunda rabu ni..irna gi la smnr ari jumaat nk jd crito mlm tu irna tido lwt..msk utk sahur..n tido..kul 6 lbh sero tido..
lamo la irna tido..ph2 kejut dgr hphone(hp) bunyi..tido blik..bnyi plop..tido blik..bnyi lagi?..ish3..tido blik irna xbca la gapo bndo msj tuh..pah2 kul 12 tgh hari bru sero nk bgn..irna plik gop bkpo xdop ore gerok..skalo kul 8 lbh msti ado la manusia mari gerok..bgn2 tgk bdk mariam tgh main the sims gna lptop bwh katil..sjk marin lagi dok main go tus..ph2 sero nk tgk msj mugo dok kcau tido irna..
' 3 new massages received'
gapo bndo la ni..
bkak la msj tus..
(dr farhana)
'sep ni 2nggu dok mna dpn ko blakg?)
(dr ibah)
'what's wrong with u? dop??'
(dr im aka bos)
'irna maghi dop ni?'
irna pon plik kejap..pikir la..bkpo la sep2 ni atar msj yg xdipahami org?..pikir pnya pikir bele tgk mariam main game, sero tringat psal seminar..
'bkn ko xdop seminar ari ni?..emm'
irna pon gi la tgk file ats mjo yg bru dikemas smlm..come..tsusun rapi..selamo ni dok sepah ats lantai..berat2..tgk jadual..
gano jd gini!!
8.30-10.30 pg (xingat)
11.00-12.30 tgh hari adab nusus(sero)"
biar bena!..irna xgi smnar..ha3..irna sero bkpo ado..bele2 tpk dahi..mso tu la irna ska po skt jiwo..LOL..kes dok ngarut kok se smnr pom tau jdual..irna ingat seminar minggu ni ado hari jumaat jah..ha3..
laen kali kna periksa btul2!..jgn dok main sero jah..(nasihat dri sndiri)

xpo ah dh lwt doh ni..esk nk gi skul plop..nnti sengguk msa physics plop..!~:]

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kebuntuan..~xdop kna mgena2 ngan cito dibwh

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~Ngepen~..xdop kno mgeno ngan cito dibwh jgop!

ari ni Ahad aka Sunday..

ho3..ari ni bgn kul 6 lps tidO kul 2 pg..bkpo lwt sgt? kes tgk Ouran High school aka Ouran Host Club..bhana anime pnya psal..bena lamo doh cito ni ado dlm cpu tp xttengok jas..lgpom k.yom dh byk kali dos ngepen cito gak ambo xbrapo berehi lah mno anime ni so xla tgk~

tp gak kalu de tgk..


memang dashyat ah~

bena nk tido lwt gak tkt sengguk plop dlm klas..ph2 k.yom pom doh tido kat tepi, mls nk gegey2..

ph2 bgn bele2 ngantuk..mariam plop xse gi skul plop..ngado2..tido dh la awl skali..ph2 bgn la dgn mlsnyo ph2 gi skul tp lwt skit..kul 7.12(tpt!) bru smpai skul..

ltk beg tgk bos n mas xdop..haik! mno plop 2 ketul ni~

intai2 pnya intai dok kat beranda..tgh cari org..

'cari sapo?'

'cr maktabah utk slide..xambk lagi'

'dop ambk lagi?'

'dop..cpt ar cari'

kami pom bgegas cari maktabah sore nk wat model utk slide..jupo gak malu plop..time ni la dyo nk malu nyo!..geram sero~

ph2 gi intai kat blok c plop..ha!..jupo 1..mulo2 nk ambk 1 bdk dr klas 3p1,tp gak malu jgop..

'malu sayo'

'malu bkpo plop..gini,kalu awk xse awk kna cr saim awk hok nk..','cpt skit des~'

dgn tegasnyo irna bg command..thp dero ank ore tus..

bleh tu, ambk ph2 ambk lptop im,gi kafe plop..dok m'edit' situ ah..sumo pkat tgk..ho la, doh bwk bndo pelik, ph2 trg2 plop..then tinggal ko bos n mas buat kijo..sbbnyo irna nk mkn..lapar wes~

'ore nk bli ni..nk gapo?'

'air 1'


irna pom gi la bli air seperti yg disuruh bos, taat setia molep!

'tea o beng 1'

srupp~(sound effect air disedut tp xpkai straw~)

bos pom mnum..

'sdp air ari ni..sekalo manis plik~..'

bos trus wat kijo..irna plop ajk nab gi bli, lapar gak nab teman skerat jale jah..tpksa la daku mbli seorg diri..mbawa perut ku yg bnyanyi riang~..bli donut 2 butir..xleh mkn byk2 diet!..hi3..

ph2 kn, dhobitoh dok kelis2 kitaorg..ho la..xmsk klas..rmai gop ar..mcm nk tegur kitaorg tp xbrani..last2 xtegur..tkt kot ko kitaorg.

bele2 mkn tus dok kalut blo teacher ruhaiza nk smpai..lcd dop ambk lagi..ph2 nab n mc ten gi cr teacher ruhaiza n ckgu azhari,..

bla3..pnjg dooh nk oyk..

kita trskn dlm aktiviti dwn~

msk tus ltk lptop..ph2 ckgu azimah, ckgu geog gue msa form 3,ado..tgh siap2 cnderamta..ph2 ckgu srh bdop form brapo xtau srh diorg nyapu dwn..pdn muka!..doh la dwn tu bsr..wat kijo molep~

then tunggu bele2 dok kalut lptop im xleh detect LCD, ustz pom xtau bkpo..last2 tkr lptop..ambk lptop teacher..psg2..

irna jga lptop ngan im..

mcten ttp lmpu ngan za.

nab ambk gmba..

mas tls report..

sistematik molep!..

then plawat smapi..po kalo ah bg 'ucapang dlu'

tp gak kali ni laen sket..slide dlu bru sesi soal jwb..sbbnyo teacher ruhaiza sie ko kitorg xmsk klas skmo..kitaorg steady jah..then mc nab menggesa kitaorg gi mkn n pd msa tuh, mjlis tgh bjaln..dio oyk teacher suh irna n bos pom sipe2 lptop then gi lab chemis utk mkn..

emm..mkn kat lab chemis..xtau plop bkpo~

mkn la nasi more nasi kuning!..

mkn ngan ckgu2..malu plp sero..kalu ckgu xdop lamo doh kitaorg gegey..pesen doh mulut xleh ddk diam!..mkn nasi krabu..not suit my taste la~

ph2 msk klas..

blajar adab nusus(sastera arab)..

lamo xngaji go ni...sbbnyo

1.kitaorg xmsk klas

2.ustzh gi kursus

ph2 gi oral bat n tilawah quran..debar molep..doh ust khaled po ngantok jah..tnyo pom gitu2 jah..bkn gapo tkt mrkh pom gitu2 jah..tilawah, xbrapo nk leh..tkt weh~

ph2 ustzh srh pnggil wat xkna lagi


'awk knal norshuhaida ngan nor suziati?

'knal ustzh..'

'gi pnggil dio deh~'

irna pom trn tinggal maas yg tgh wat oral utk pnggil 2 org tus..ngan konfidennya gi klas 4sc3..tnyo qis kot tingkap..

'qis suziati ado?'

'suziati?..ming ni biar bena..suziati xke klas mung?'

'ho la..klas aku..'

malu molep..mujur xgi announce kat depe klas qis..berat ar..bdk klas sndri pom xtau..

ph2 bm..

blaja wat rumusan..ingt kna oral bm bkumpulan ari ni..kitaorg ready dos..siap practise agi..nk wat gano..bena kitaorg nk msk pilih kasih dop pom ank wayang, tp gak ats faktor umur kitaorg xlayak..diskriminasi molep~..

xpo ah..nkwat kijo sket~


laen kali plop!

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