Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sharing is Love

Posted by irnasofia at 12:48 PM
Sharing is Loving

written by: irnasofia
dedicated to: arya armila

sitting on chair,
thinking you there,
i act like i don't care,
but my heart still care.

You told me your greatest secrets,
and we both share the same spot,
i hold your hand,
and listen to your grief,
i couldn't do nothing
but only listen,
sharing what you feel,
and your bitten

why do unfortune thing
have to happen
to someone greatest just like you?

give me that pain,
sorrounds me not you,
so that i can see
yourbright sunny sunshine again.

you show me your weakness
and sobbing with fears,
and i know you just normal person,
who have own matters
you helped me a lot,
to face the reality,
to face the serenity,
to hold the priority,
and i keep that
deep in my heart

and it's my turn,
to help you with my concern,
just tell me
i do what you want me to

i honestly wish
for youmy friend,
to know i'll always lend a hand
God did great job sending me to you
and have you for me too~

*i don't know if i spell her name right..eemm,, no comment!
to her: specially dedicated to you, only a simple poem to keep you happy~..i won't leave u alone~
nb:paragraph 4:really mean it!!

keyboard ofF~


Your Arya Amila said...

Stop making me cry!



love u. never end. till death. till my last breath.

i really mean it.

irna said...

arya armila:
notim lah..

it's nothing compared to da things you did to me..just accept this wif honour, ok!


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