Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mountain of Thanks

Posted by irnasofia at 12:42 PM
Mountain of Thanks~
written by:irnasofia
dedicated to: Aliah
You used to be my buddy,
with stories to company,
i had nothing to share to you,
i just give my pain to you

i'm smiling at you,
but then you realize it wasn't true
i tend to laugh with you,
but then you realize it wasn't true
sometimes i wish i could lie
so that i can see your greatest smile
not your worries
and your deep blue
when i couldn't lie to you

the advices and words
keep me staying here
although i fall with tears
i keep coming here
because i know
i couldn't ask anyone
except my dear

you told me not to think about it,
but sorry, i can't do it
it just happen
and sometimes it hard to core

thank to God,
He send me this little girl,
who comfort me when i'm blue,
cherish me to stay true,
tell me to keep breathing,
and never stop hoping.

but i thank you
and this words
hope enough to you

*my second poem, really have big meaning inside of it.only we know it~..

to her: sorry for disturbing you all this long, love your words and advices you give.remember me in your call me if you need anything!

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