Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, am i still da same?

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early in da morning~

yeah, i'm still awake with my bro's lappy, wif axn channel turned on.still busy searching for module papers.huhu.thnks to amni, for her help.

it's a few days before the torture of form five starts!,i hate that time for sure. and i slowly accepting the new atmosphere of being matured.[matured kah?].being more respossible.come on, it's just a year rite?.i should forget about fs, fb, blog for u know, i started blogging when i was form 4, early march i think, and slowly blogging become my routine then.then, my bro, sis told me to stop doing all that first, i was totally can't accept it at all.but after i left it for a week, i can adapt it slowly, and it's not become a prob for me more.i should be friend wif books.hoho..sound too nerd rite?..hahaha

dun wori, irna still be the same doubt about that!..

emm, buku msa cuti ni pom xabes2 lgi..i mean novels loh!

breaking dawn
new moon
cupid effects
accidently couple
the knights
the dog walker
the ivy chronicles
something wonderful
plus,some sophie kinsella books..hoho..
keyboard ofF~
nb1:4.30 am uh!
nb2:post mrapu..xdep idea
nb3:ape kes post lately in english?
nb4:esk lg bz!
nb5:i miss my sis.
nb7:no more on9 dear~~
nb8;change is goOd~;)

Friday, December 25, 2009

It Could be My...

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can't sleep's keep haunting me.i hate this feeling.this situation

*ignore it if u don't understand what i'm saying*

last day of da school, i mean extra class loh! rushing for 3 weeks, at least i got something from dat class, rite?.everything happen in this tiring weeks really challenge myself well!

a lot happen to me lately. it's all about myself, my life. i have admit something, going to da extra class, at least i can ease my burden from da stress, da boring mood i was. am i a good girl? haha.i was rite?..i brag too much i think, but it's reality!.haha

today, i went to school with a so so feeling, ending of da extras made me feel bad. [ it's true! ] coz i know, i have to face a big, crucial, time, there.....*end of da sad story*


we all take lots of pics !haha.cute faces like us, we don't even need dslr lah!..haha.thanks to nab, her dslr was great.if i could my bro's dslr, it would be great too!.haha..mcten, of course,she was already drooling to take pics with that giant cam.haha. after teach her a lil bit [ after i was get a 'kursus' from my bro before ] how to handle the dslr, she keep holding it, and of course taking lots of da pics!.

then, it's suppose to be a biology class, but the teacher was not here. she was busy, handling the SPM's papers. i keep wondering, why the marking session would be that quick?..i was sitting that cement made stairs, in front of da class, hoping to get the fresh brezzy air, it's stuck in the class!, then mas joining me, sit and massage me as well.haha. what a good friend i was!. mas not in a proper mood as she was excited with her sister's PMR result.btw, congrats [ normasniati (i think i spell her name right, i don't care it's not a spell-it-right contest,huh)] she's got straight A's.again, congrats hah!

then the good news approaching us, we can go home by 11.30am!..haha.of course, most of all was excited..i got lil things to do, as my chemistry homework that i had call it already "the chempickles" sort of pickle+chemistry homework=chempickles.haha.i kept staring at those question for 11 days to be precise.huhu.i have to get it done by today, no doubt!.so, i ask my friend, aliah who was famous for her chemistry things, and we discuss about it for 1/2 hour.huhu.what a "simple question it was!..easy loh!huhu.".qis, bz with her hp, playing games!..what a girl!.haha.

then i went back to the class, continue my chemistry things, and have a chat wif my old buddies, Aina.a friend of mine when i was in form 1.then i sit on that cement stairs again, enjoying the fresh air of maahad, my beloved school!.then, i thought maybe i could join ten, im, n nab taking reports for the ICT, [ talking about ICT, FYI, i had resigned from the ICT due to the personal problem, i'm really sorry. but i have to do it. ] as i was really damn, i take a lil steps, enjoying the greenic carpet, enjoying the fresh scent of that green carpet, and make my way up to dat big the PMR's results would be announce there. i could hear that familiar voice, cikgu lili or papa li, happily annoucing the always,..

i think i should stop here, as i need to have a good rest before i get in battle again.

[deep meaning~]

keyboard ofF~

nb1:congrats to;
<>cik salwani sofea aka k.long [cousin ]
<>mr apih [cousin ]
<> adek mas,
<>raihanah [junior]
<>dan yg swaktu dgnnya for the PMR rsult!.
nb2:i got a hug from a friend..(^_^)
nb3:it's gonna be tiring tomorrow, to be precise, TODAY!
nb4:should i turn off my hp?
nb5:i can't sleep well lately, it's keep coming back
nb6:i realize something, i got a week bfore the torture of the form 5 begins!

nb7:i don't know if i had made a decision well, leaving the ICT make me feel bad.
nb8:thanks to kak ten for da bookS and gifts.
nb9:amni, kak ten bg gifts kat amni jgk!
nb10: thanks to the passing girls, who take our pics well.huhu

Oh God, gve the strength so dat i can hold this well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i miss u toO~

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*good to be back*


i read something on a kinda strucks my heart well.i really have to admit it.i kinda weird lately. i don't know why.and the way she's writing it on her blog, made me thinking hard.

"what had i done to her?"
'what i had done to my friends?"
"what kind of weirdo i was?"

"does it too much?"

huhu.this not so WH questions really disturbing me all day.but then i realize, i had my FRIENDS to coax me, to help me, to console me every time i need them.

i'm soo sorry if my bizarre characters really make you feel bad.

*back to malay*

irna dapat email.from my best friend. terima kasih kat DIA sebab bg email kat irna, and myedarkan irna dat, i had my frens!.emm, maybe she's rite.she does.

THANKS to HER!..a lot!

*xdep mood nk tulis pnjag2..mmerlukan sdikit ruang utk myendiri..*

keyboard ofF~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battle is Hard

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Battle is Hard~
written by:irnasofia

It's been long to grief this any longer,
I should stop thinking of it,shall be the one to say,
I don't care

I should take the sword,
Holding it tight
endure the stabs

Although all rainbow i seen,
not all that nice
But you make me
we can't always
had that nice
sorround us

i lost my only strength
in the battle of line
i lost it when i'm breathless
on that ground
but then,
i remember your words
to keep breathing,
to keep surviving,
to keep holding,
to keep fighting,
over this
and i'm remember your fight,
with those circle round things,
with the men in the white coat,
and waters to flow,
i was too.

although i collapse
falling from this,
but your words and strength close
hold me to bold
Buti don't know,
which hurt the most
losing you or pain that never eases,
when in pink, then you came,
it starts aching again,
your smile i see
holding me tight
squeezing the day

You are my heartbeat,
beating inside of me,
carrying me through,
everything in front me

when i'm feel sad,
you tell me stories,
to live in cherish day,
and tears that i had,
dry without falling apart

i miss our chats
the way you used to talk
about dreams and desires
but now,
i'm left wondering

i wake up,
from a long rest,
and i know
i can't see you more
and it's a fact that i have to pay,
because you're far away

i hope i can follow you
to the deep sleep,
meeting the Most Powerful,
so that i can make everyonepleased,
not what i did now,
longing for love and cares,
troubling the ones i love

then i realize,
God did the right thing to you,
and He want me to stay here,
to get back in track,
that you had left.

I'm a martyr,
stood in front battle line,
i'm a fighter,
with a hand full of braveness,
i'm a soldier,
who hold the gun in green
i'm not a surrender!

* i keep fighting! *
keyboard ofF~

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