Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i miss u toO~

Posted by irnasofia at 10:18 PM
*good to be back*


i read something on a kinda strucks my heart well.i really have to admit it.i kinda weird lately. i don't know why.and the way she's writing it on her blog, made me thinking hard.

"what had i done to her?"
'what i had done to my friends?"
"what kind of weirdo i was?"

"does it too much?"

huhu.this not so WH questions really disturbing me all day.but then i realize, i had my FRIENDS to coax me, to help me, to console me every time i need them.

i'm soo sorry if my bizarre characters really make you feel bad.

*back to malay*

irna dapat email.from my best friend. terima kasih kat DIA sebab bg email kat irna, and myedarkan irna dat, i had my frens!.emm, maybe she's rite.she does.

THANKS to HER!..a lot!

*xdep mood nk tulis pnjag2..mmerlukan sdikit ruang utk myendiri..*

keyboard ofF~



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