Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battle is Hard

Posted by irnasofia at 8:31 PM

Battle is Hard~
written by:irnasofia

It's been long to grief this any longer,
I should stop thinking of it,shall be the one to say,
I don't care

I should take the sword,
Holding it tight
endure the stabs

Although all rainbow i seen,
not all that nice
But you make me
we can't always
had that nice
sorround us

i lost my only strength
in the battle of line
i lost it when i'm breathless
on that ground
but then,
i remember your words
to keep breathing,
to keep surviving,
to keep holding,
to keep fighting,
over this
and i'm remember your fight,
with those circle round things,
with the men in the white coat,
and waters to flow,
i was too.

although i collapse
falling from this,
but your words and strength close
hold me to bold
Buti don't know,
which hurt the most
losing you or pain that never eases,
when in pink, then you came,
it starts aching again,
your smile i see
holding me tight
squeezing the day

You are my heartbeat,
beating inside of me,
carrying me through,
everything in front me

when i'm feel sad,
you tell me stories,
to live in cherish day,
and tears that i had,
dry without falling apart

i miss our chats
the way you used to talk
about dreams and desires
but now,
i'm left wondering

i wake up,
from a long rest,
and i know
i can't see you more
and it's a fact that i have to pay,
because you're far away

i hope i can follow you
to the deep sleep,
meeting the Most Powerful,
so that i can make everyonepleased,
not what i did now,
longing for love and cares,
troubling the ones i love

then i realize,
God did the right thing to you,
and He want me to stay here,
to get back in track,
that you had left.

I'm a martyr,
stood in front battle line,
i'm a fighter,
with a hand full of braveness,
i'm a soldier,
who hold the gun in green
i'm not a surrender!

* i keep fighting! *
keyboard ofF~


person that love u damn abundant! said...

he left u with honour.

trust me,
in every step u take in the track,
i am beside u.
to give u support,
to make new step.

when i am not there,
i just watch from far.
with praying.

God bless u.
endless, syg.

luv u.
more than u luv me.

till my last breath.

u have me,
to company u.

u have my words,
to stick with u.

u take my strength,
then i let it to u.

so, dun waste it.

my strength.

be strong!!

Niji said...

did something happen?

truth to be told, this poem scared me...

beacuse it seems like a coward who try to change with such a FIERCE courage.

whatever happens, be strong dear..
we may be far from each other, but our hearts are linked strongly!

irna~ said...

someone dat loves me damn abundant:thnks 4 loving me, huhuu~

thnks 4 words!
* fighting!*

irna~ said...

to miss niji:
did it?..huhu~..doesn't mean at all..

nothing happen actually, just a personal matter, n it's doesn't important at all..

tnks 4 da support,
"we mybe far from each other"< really miss u much!..long time no see!..

hope our frenship dat we've been through last 4eva,till the end of time,promise me!

*trlalu deep kah??


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