Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30, am i still da same?

Posted by irnasofia at 4:10 AM
early in da morning~

yeah, i'm still awake with my bro's lappy, wif axn channel turned on.still busy searching for module papers.huhu.thnks to amni, for her help.

it's a few days before the torture of form five starts!,i hate that time for sure. and i slowly accepting the new atmosphere of being matured.[matured kah?].being more respossible.come on, it's just a year rite?.i should forget about fs, fb, blog for u know, i started blogging when i was form 4, early march i think, and slowly blogging become my routine then.then, my bro, sis told me to stop doing all that first, i was totally can't accept it at all.but after i left it for a week, i can adapt it slowly, and it's not become a prob for me more.i should be friend wif books.hoho..sound too nerd rite?..hahaha

dun wori, irna still be the same doubt about that!..

emm, buku msa cuti ni pom xabes2 lgi..i mean novels loh!

breaking dawn
new moon
cupid effects
accidently couple
the knights
the dog walker
the ivy chronicles
something wonderful
plus,some sophie kinsella books..hoho..
keyboard ofF~
nb1:4.30 am uh!
nb2:post mrapu..xdep idea
nb3:ape kes post lately in english?
nb4:esk lg bz!
nb5:i miss my sis.
nb7:no more on9 dear~~
nb8;change is goOd~;)



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