Friday, January 1, 2010


Posted by irnasofia at 11:57 PM
this is my third draft for this entry.haha~

happy new year 201O, may this year brings more happiness and success!
to SPM's candidates 2O10[to early kah?]: goOd luck and all the best!

wishlists for this year:'s a secrect
second:still be my secret
third.secret loh!
fourth and so's my secret!!
*talking rubbish again..wakaka*[i don't care~~]
status: NONE~

keyboard ofF:
nb1:maybe my last post
nb2:em, better make a move, let's do this!
nb3: wah, i got older..i'm a senior!
nb4:k.irna?..that's sound funny!
nb5:haha..i got this feeling again~
nb6:my notes are more longer than the post again.
nb7:let's start with a fresh new spirit~
nb8:let's go in battle!
nb9:bubye fb,blog,and fs~[i don't know if i can handle dis well]
nb10:be more positive!
nb11:i love my friends!
nb13:i should handle ***** more~
nb14:oh my God should be change into Oh My books![wakaka]
nb15:i'm not a nerd ok!
nb16:this is really good
nb17:specky at school?..huh
nb18: ;)
nb19:again, change is good
nb20: u know what, my room getting better, wif a fresh new look..haha
nb21:physics..oh puh-lease!
nb22:should stop now~
nb23: more lappy~




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