Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Vies

Posted by irnasofia at 2:44 PM
The Vies
written by: irna
it's awkward,
yes it is,
in silence
of the night,
stood over the moon,
after the long deeps,
and ado.
i'm done to groan,
and sick of grones,
but i can't let myself vies,
vies for life.
as my eies can't carry more,
and my tears won't drop more,
as i struggle for moneth,
the moneth of vies.
i am a vann.
stood weakly in front of the battle line,
battle for myself
the only sword that i have,
it only a vial of physick,
but i know,
all of these vies,
have all the reason,
reason for one.

this poem is really meant to me.hope u get the meaning n the feeling.for your convenience, these are the meaning of certain words~

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vies=(in diction. to compete strongly with somebody in order to obtain or achieve something) for this poem, it is struggle

eina= used to express sudden pain

ado=(in dictionary,[immediately]) but for this poem it is [trouble]




vann=those in front of war

vial=phial [small jar of medicine]


please comment and state your thoughts about this poem!..~

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Faten Hanani said...

poem nie ore x pehe lasung..
xleh nop feel dowh..
perkataan dio 'wow'..
tp meme gtuh la ore..ore buke nyo pehe pom poem2 nih..
6ti,wak poem kanak2 kokre k..!!..
[sene nop pehe ckit]..

Niji said...

oghe raso..
kite xleh putus asa dalam sst dugaan..
gitu ko mesej irna?

btw.. suke sgt ayat ni
[the only sword that i have,
is only a vial of physick]

irna~ said...

to mcten sayam~:aduh..xpehe ko?..ayoyo~..
nk poem ko mcten?,,beres2 nnti ore wat~..

irna~ said...

to niji sayam~: lbh kure mksdnya dalm lbh kure ar dio pnya mksd tuh~..
[belit pnya ayt]

Faten Hanani said...

ten nop poem kanak2 k!!..
i like children..

irna~ said...

mcten ska bdop?
tapi bdop xska ten~

ukhtey zid said...

rasa nk nangis la..
smg irna truskan bpoem ye..
best bc poem irna..
sayang irna!!!

irna said...

sayang zid gak!
trima kaseh!

ore xpndai sgt la buay poem,
ni jer yg tmmpu~

ukhtey zid said...

ni pon lbh drpd ok da,na..
zd ska sangaaat2..


p/s:missz u..


irna said...


malu ore~~
miss u too!


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