Monday, August 24, 2009

You Were There For Me

Posted by irnasofia at 3:01 PM
isshh~..what am i doing?..posting a poem?..no3..irna is not a 'jiwang' girl i think..but i couldn't help myself taking a pen and write a poem..does everybody do it?
but after i read this, i could stop myself from laughing..seriously, i don't really think that i could wrote a poem..
i've got addicted to poem after niji or amni do lots of poem and it's really struck my heart..n i also wrote a special poem for her that i made it myself.yup! just for her..niji, next post ok!..

this poem is about friendship, n it's my fifth poem in my poetry is about friendship that i have for years, about friends who really meant to me..friends who always listen to me when i'm having difficulties and problems..thanks FRIENDS!
dedicated to: cbt teams, niji,classmates[ shu,yam, n so on],kak ten, n team it buddies~

words last forever,
at this moment,
that seem like the old,
yet it only happen,
when friendship born,
and dream for one.
tears fill me,
with both good and bad,
some nearly forgotten,
yet all dear to heart.
you always here,
in times of hand,
and times in thanks.
you kept by myside,
and held me up,
through your ever caring looks,
to your comforting hugs,
and i always know that,
you are always here.


SisTeen said...

irna ad bkt! ;D
nice poem dear ;)
btw,thx :)

Niji said...

akhirnya post jugak poem lu..

neat and sweet


huhu.. gwe akan menghargai dedikasi lu :P

irna~ said...

kak ten..
ado bkt ko?
malu wehh~

irna~ said...

thanks niji!
next post poem utk amni lak?
so, bila nk buat ko irna lak?
i'm waiting~~=]

dotchinka said...

nok blja etek!

Faten Hanani said...

mcna lonie..
diam2 berisi..
dr buku ke blog erk dio berpoem!!..
irna jiwo!!hak3..
~jiwang leleh2 goes to irna!!~..
anyway,i'm supportng u bebeh!!..

irna~ said...

to dotchinka:bleh2.rjin2 lah m'jiwo'kn diri..hu3

to mc ten:hu3.lamo doh nk post tp thp malu mash tinggi..kas3..
jiwang2 n leleh2 goes to irna?..
ha3..mmg pom!..skali skalo mc ten~

Maryam Kamal said...



U did mention my name..
Femes jap I!
(gila masyhur sumguh!)


smangat molep nak rayo..

irnasofia said...

yam: same2..hu3..
ryo tu msti!..=P


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