Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Just Normal

Posted by irnasofia at 5:56 PM
I'm just Normal

written by:irnasofia

i'm sitting in blue
hoping someone to talk to
listening to the cricket sings
as my eies went all red
down to my cheek
it's hard to please everybody
it's hard to make everyone happy
i'm only normal
have my own desire
have my own wants
i'm just normal
in all day
i can't stick to what you say
because i'm just like you
have my own feelings too
have my own limits too
i cry when i'm blue
i laugh when i'm true
because i'm not one of them
in green,
in battle line you see
i'm just normal
i can't fake you
even my heart want to,
i know you've been much to me,
but please,let me take a breeze,
i know you depend on me,
but please,
let me take a peace,
i won't ask you more,
i just hope you know,
i'm just normal~


Anonymous said...

then,may you rest in peace :p


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