Friday, March 12, 2010

Memory Lane.

Posted by irnasofia at 10:49 PM
Memory Lane
written by: irnasofia
dedicated to;cbt members
it's been years
hard to believe
but we have to face the reality
how fast time passes fly
without turning back

we met
God had decide it
have laughter together
and joy forever
holiday we spent together
have own memories

this year and before been great
i can't wait what happen next,
seeing how great our friendship
growing with love and joy

the laughters we have,
the cries we bear,
the secrets we share,
the fun we dare
and we've share every little of it
together as a friend

i look back
into the past
remember the memories
we cherish in our hearts
our friendship has gone far
but not as far as it's going
because we had so much more
keyboard off~
nb1:a poem.da lma tulis..tiba2 tringat nk post.



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