Monday, June 7, 2010

tag from Amni.

Posted by irnasofia at 9:57 PM
sorry, sbb lambat!
so,jom mgatai!

Survey: Perfect Partners

1. How tall should he be?
- em,of course, He should be taller than offense.i'm really that kind of 'renek" girl,so if he was shorter than me, i can't imagine how short he is!btw, you all know what "renek" is, right?

2. What hair colour should he have?
- Black.or original hair colour.if i he is some kind of europe or"omputeh", i dun care if he is blonde or dark brown.*gatai*

3. What kind of personality should he have?
- caring,romantic from outside n inside*hehe*,cool,funny,talkative*suit me!*

4. Older or younger?,looks do tolerate more!

5. What film actor should he most be like?
-em, actually i prefer korean look, but i think, i love more to malay typical maybe, fahrin ahmad?*haha*

6. What singer should he most be like?
- singer?dun know.i dun really find a singer that suits me.*jual mahal*

7. Do they need to cook?
-really should cook.and he should cook better than me,so i've got an excuse from cooking,rite?

8. What is his best body part?
- eyes?.wif sparkles eyes.melts me!n smile of course!

9. What car should he drive?
- anything.not kereta sorong or troli.maybe a lorry,because i really want to take a ride on a lorry!

10. What one thing completely turns you on?
- A guy's looks.haha

11. Who was the guy on your mind when you were doing this survey?
- emm,my dad?!

12. Tag 6 people to do this survey too.
- em,faten hanani,maryam,shuhaida,zakirah,bihah n anyone who read dis


Maryam Kamal said...

a tag,about man.. should I answer? :D

congrates irna! brilliant answers and i love them. :) *except korean look whatsoeva tuhs.. haha*

dotchinka said...

nok naik lori tok tehe.

tokse wat lagi :D


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