Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Changes.

Posted by irnasofia at 11:46 AM

new changes?what the changes that i currently made?well,it's obviously my blog renovation.sick of those pink colours, i tend to make black, simple yet elegant for my more pink for the background, black suits more.haha.but, that doesn't mean that i change my favourite colour, just for this page black looks more attaractive for is beauty :D


it's look like the year of great 2010 come to an end.what a year!full of happy and gloom stories, but it's all gonna be a history and memory for us.let's start a new and fresh book, start with something new with passion ya!

and me,myself would like to thanks everyone for making my 2010 great! without you, there would not be me.a mountain of thanks!

i learnt a's all about life.and all those lessons that i learnt, insyaAllah would be a truguidance for me to face my upcoming year,without it i may fall and maybe would not stand anymore.all the wishes, guidance and your love would much appreciate.

i need life too.changes for good.and sure, it's gonna be okay.isn't it?


dotchinka said...

black is beautiful doe :D


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