Thursday, April 21, 2011

She was

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Her schooldays just as fun as everybody else, but in her laughter, there was something that she held. And it happens three years ago, when she met the white coat for the physical examination. After complaints of discomfort of her chest, and that old man told her that her thoughts were true. And, she had it. She never thought that she would have to suffer from this. All she did was crying and sobbing, blaming herself from this fate. She didn’t think that someone cheeky like her had this, and surely it would be a problem yet trouble for her. But one day, after months of gloomy she told someone. And that person told her everything she never heard. God loves her! That’s why she was given this opportunity to grief, to be listening by her God. Her God needs her to hear her plea, to hear her sobbing. From that day onwards, she becomes bold. She promised herself that she had to be strong, because she had her family that was longing for her, hoping and praying for her. She shouldn’t be this weak, that wasn’t her. After that, all those physick wasn’t a problem for her. Thousand of tablets were consumed, because she wanted to be like she was, before she had this. And, in a week, there would be a day or more she had to skipped the school, it’s not what she really like. She had to met the white coat, listening to him and that’s hurts her. And the rumors in her class, begins chattering about her missing in class, about her paleness, about the tablets. She didn’t even know that her classmates had their eyes on her. She never knew that her teacher was watching her far. She never knew about it. She pretended to be fresh, but she can’t fool people around her.

Days and days had passed, her routine on that big purple building, a building that was built for someone who had the same reasons as her, and every single week, she had to be there, with the water to flow, and the sisters had to take care of her. She had to be there, and whenever she was, the next morning that she knew, she had to attend the school the very first morning. Although she not so in pink, but she had to do it, for her future, she didn’t want this routine would be the reason why she was left behind in her studies. Sometimes, when she really can’t get up from bed, that’s the only reason why she didn’t attend the schooldays. Her friends were asking, but she never had the truth. It’s not that she didn’t want to tell anyone, but she didn’t want this thing would sadden all their friends. And she really couldn’t have the face when they’ll knew about this. She can’t. And she holds it. Just for herself.

And she knew that she had to make something to getting better, something that could relieve her from this routine and stuffs. And had to do it, but she didn’t think she’ll make it, she hold it, waited for the next few month, it should be in the month of June at it should be done in that short date. She won’t, she won’t listen to the white coat. She waited, and have her daily routine as always, but it came and disturbing her daily life. Even a walk would be hard for her, and taking stairs would be a major problem to her, she was in deep vain. But she had to face it; otherwise she would lying on the ground whenever it came.

Time passes, in the first January, she had it. Only God knew how frightened she was. After 4 hours in the battle, she out from the cozy blue room, being pushed while all the wires when on her. She didn’t even breathe on her own, but the next few hours, she woke up. She’s so grateful to be back. And Alhamdullilah, everything runs smoothly. Only tears of relieve that the only thing she knew at that time.

Up till today, she still went to that purple building, and still had the smile on her face, as she always had.


mcnab said...

when she was asked by her friends why she didn't come 2 school...the answer was her mother allowed her to skip school whenever she wants....n her friends thought her mother was so kind to let her to do that.....

irnasofia said...

emm, i guess so. it;s nothing to be worried more then. :)


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