Saturday, March 5, 2011

Well, people!

Posted by irnasofia at 11:39 PM
Good day, people!

i'm in a such BIG dilemma, see my capitals? ohh my, what should do. i never been in this situation before, moreover, it's more about my daily stuff. I don't really sure, it's common in teens like me, in words, who was before, stick to that and now changing because of time. i don't really sure it does.

let's make it clear, okay, well, as you may know my background and stuff, i was studied in well known high school that loaded with people who wearing that "tudung labuh", "jubah" and all those stuffs.and all those stuff really make me think, since i was in high school. can i stick to what i'm wearing all day long just like i did before? can i hold my ears listening about other sharp words on teens like me wearing that ''old fashioned" style? can i ignore people call that would someday call me makcik because i'm wearing it? and, since tody i still thinking and kept wondering if i can really do that.

you know what, i really admire teens, mostly in early 20s ( do we call them TEENS?)wearing tudung labuh rather than choosing tudung ariani or tudung bawal or even selendang in their daily outfits.but, I can't. i don't even know why. i really wanted to wear that, but i don't know, i'm choosing ariani or tudung bawal more than tudung labuh. i'd tried shawl( not that short one!) and i felt okay with it. i'm still wearing tudung labuh, but on when i'm going to school, to be honest, when i'm in Johore, i felt very comfortable wearing tudung ariani with jeans because i thought that no one's that i know was here! i can't stand people looking at me up to toes, beause i'm wearing tudung ariani or tudung bawal when i'm in johore, no one really cares what i'm wearing!

tell you what, there was a day when i was shopping with my mum at KB in early Feb, i met a few juniors of mine, they saw me, and giving a look that i would still remember clearly till now when they saw me wearing a tudung ariani. is it a crime wearing it? i'm not wearing anything that look like something in plastic bags, not that tight cloth, not that fishing net tudung. i'm just wearing a long purple Tee(people call in busana muslimah) with jeans and it's obviously not tight at all and simple black ariani tudung.i'm asking again, is it a crime?

okay, I'm a prefect that should be perfect, but i'm believing in persistent. i was been taught since i was little, to be persistent in everything i do. yeah, people change, and should change to become better, but i don't want to be a person that wasn't me. i don't say that when i'm wearing tudung labuh wasn't my style or whatsoever, but i want a persistence. insyaAllah, i would wear it someday,and would stick to that.wearing tudung labuh wasn't a style but a responsible, a big dependant to people that shows the beauty of islam, i don't want to be the one who ruined it and to that point, i'm still upgrading myself to be the one that can be an example to others.And Alhamdullilah, i'm still wearing socks,an inner when i'm wearing tudung that a little bit "jarang", not that S Ariani and still cover my chest.

I believe,
" just wore anything, as long it obeys the syariah"

and people,
"please, put me in your shoes and don't give me that looks"

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aliah amran said...

hsil tulisan yg mantop..
even in english but i can understand it very well,,
dun wori..ini adalah cetusan hati irna.. i said b4..
pkai papepon tp JGN lnggar syariat,,
2 jep..
puah hati leh bc neh..:))))

irnasofia said...

thanks btw :)

insyaAllah, i'll hold it sampai mati.:)

doa-doa lah bila terbukak hati neh.

aliah amran said...

aliah akn sokmo doakan irna smpai bla2..

dotchinka said...

stick to syariah and which comforts you :)

irnasofia said...

i wiil, dotchinka.

syariah first.:)

wan atikie said...

pakai la la pape pom as long as it doesnt againts the syarak...wearg jaens,long tee,or whatsoever tudung is not a crime at all as it still cover ur aorat completely...but lying to urself is a crime...

irnasofia said...

Ee, yup you;re absolutely right!

love your comment,
lying to yourself is a crime.


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