Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tell You No More

Posted by irnasofia at 11:09 PM
Tell You No More
By: irnasofia

i throw more pebbles,

and watch it drops,
the punt that i ride,
slowly follows the tarn,
i paddled strenuously,
but I'm a puny, a truism
walk in a straight line,
but sometimes i veer,
I'm an inane, an earnest
the voices roamed,
and I'm still here

They tittered, and I'm giggled,
but in my laughs, i indisposed
they won't know, and never wanted to
I'd tried,
but then i budged.
In an audible language,
I stared,
room with empty air, but full of hopes,
my heart concealed and I'm withered,
she does,plays with my hair,
crooning and kiss my skin,
reluctantly I spoke and gave her,
my bogus looks,
and gave her a decent hold,
"I'm fine, don't you worry!"

sentimental value. :)



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