Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Posted by irnasofia at 10:44 PM
The Splendid Schooldays kena stop kejap.gatai nak post poem neh.

actually, i just found this poem, in my chemistry book.i think i wrote it in the class.and, i don't even know why i'm writing it, maybe the boredom killing me at that time.haha.and here it is:

written by:irnasofia

is better,
without ado to think,
without heart to hurt,
i listen to everyone
even if it sometimes hurt
it does mine,
but i won't let yours
just give me that,
i strongly keep it bold,
although i sometimes down,
but i have something to hold,
don't make me suffer like this,
like you always do.

aware with your words,
it hurts more than a knife do,
aware with your talks,
it strikes more than a lightning do.

nb:poem.poem.i love poem.:))



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